The Dupont Rescue Experience


The 12th Annual DuPont Rescue Experience will be held November 10th-12th, 2017


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The DuPont Rescue Experience will simulate search and rescue operations in a wilderness environment. The Exercise will begin on Friday November 11th at 1800 and will conclude on Sunday November 13th. The exercise will be divided into four (12) hour operational periods and will be managed utilizing the National Incident Management System. Search crews, dog crews, and technical rescue teams are encouraged to participate.


This year the theme of the exercise is "In the pursuit of excellence". Training and scenarios all weekend will involve combining knowledge, skills, and abilities to overcome challenges found in the wilderness environment. Training sessions will be held throughout the weekend hosted by DuPont Rescue Experience instructors focusing on search management, technical rope rescue, land navigation, wilderness ems, mountain bikes in SAR, disaster communications, canines in SAR, and incident management. Participants are encouraged to participate in one or more of these training sessions in conjunction with ongoing search exercise operations.

Special Training:

 This class gives the students the skills necessary to shelter in place overnight with minimal gear. It covers how the body loses heat and several ways to minimize it. Skills taught include campsite selection, what items to carry, knife/tool safety and use, shelter construction (manmade and natural materials), and fire making. Suggested items to bring are a fixed blade knife and a ferrocerium rod. 


An incident management team made up of participants will coordinate operations for the entire weekend. This will ensure teams are assigned as quickly as possible for field work. There will be opportunities within the IMT to serve in various lead positions or deputy / assistant positions.  Additional spaces will be available for communications support (Radio Operators)

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